China Defense Minister Dong Jun said who dares to separate Taiwan will be crushed to pieces

China Taiwan Conflict China is so proud of its army that it keeps threatening anyone. Earlier, China used to threaten India as well. Now, Taiwan is its target. China’s Defense Minister Dong has warned about Taiwan on Sunday. He said, his army is ready to stop Taiwan’s independence by force. He was speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore. Dong said that China’s People’s Liberation Army has been a powerful force, anyone who dares to separate Taiwan from China will be crushed into pieces and destroyed. By the way, his threat is also being understood as a hint towards America.

Dong said that we are always open for cooperation, but both sides will have to meet each other. Actually, China’s aggressive stance has come to the fore after the recent war exercises near Taiwan. Taiwan’s President’s Office called the statement of Chinese officials irrational and said that it will try its best for peace and stability in Taiwan. At the same time, China’s Defense Minister also emphasized the importance of military communication with America.

That’s why the dragon is angry at America too
Dong criticized external interference for selling weapons to Taiwan and maintaining illegal contacts. Dong’s reference was clearly towards the US, which maintains deep informal relations with Taiwan. According to the report, US Congress House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in 2022, which angered China. Now China is also angry about America’s deep defense relations with Asia-Pacific, Philippines, so China is again giving similar statements.

At the same time, China also raised an issue regarding the clash with Philippines’ ships in the South China Sea. It said, China has maintained restraint in the face of rights violations and provocations, but it has its limits. We will not allow anyone to provoke war. We will not allow chaos to be created.

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