Cats are looking for tenants for their house, the rent of 1 room is so much, you will be shocked to hear it!

Many people in the world love animals so much that they raise them, then make them a member of the family. Along with this, they start treating them like humans. These days a post is going viral on Twitter (Cats searching for tenant viral), in which a person has made his cats human and written a post on their behalf. In this post, he is searching for a tenant for his house. The surprising thing is that he is calling an unknown person to live with him in this 1 room house, and the cats will also live there with him. The rent is so high that people are getting shocked just by hearing it.

Twitter user @EloiseHendy recently shared a screenshot in which a post has been written to find a tenant. The person who has written this post probably loves cats so much (funny tenant search post) that he has written the entire post on behalf of the cats. In the post, the cats tell that the house is theirs, but the person with whom they live thinks that he is the owner. This house is in London and they are looking for a tenant for a 1-room house.

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