Bought a ticket on ‘Aatma Ki Awaaz’, became a millionaire in a moment, the story of the man is interesting!

Who doesn’t want to earn money in life? Some people get it easily while some people have to work very hard for it. Getting money without hard work is a matter of luck. However, some people’s luck is so strong that all their bets turn out to be right. Let us tell you the story of such a person.

The amount of wealth that people take their whole life to earn, this person got it in no time. Now he has so much money that he does not need to do anything. The name of this person has not been disclosed but he is a resident of America. His luck was so kind to him that whatever he laid his hands on, it proved lucky for him.

A voice came from the soul, buy the lottery!
According to a report in the New York Post, a man living in Bluffton, South Carolina, won the lottery. According to the website of South Carolina Educational Lottery, he was not an everyday lottery buyer. That day, while going to the gas station, he played a scratch off game under the Stacks of Cash game. The man says that he was feeling good about the ticket, he felt that something good would happen. In such a situation, he bought the lottery for just 10 dollars i.e. 835 rupees.

Earn 2.5 crores while sitting!
The voice of the man’s conscience was absolutely correct and he won the top prize of $300,000 i.e. Rs 2,50,48,110 in this game. He could not believe it and went home after taking half a day’s leave. He paid off his debts with the money he won and is living a better life. Earlier also, Deivson Alves Martins had bought a scratch card in January this year, on which he got a prize of about 50 thousand rupees. He bought a scratch card from the same store for just 50 dollars i.e. about 40 thousand rupees, on which he got a prize of 1 million dollars i.e. 8.24 crores this time.

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