Bombay High Court Allows Release Of Hamare Baarah After Makers Voluntarily Agreed To Delete 2 Dialogues Of Film – Entertainment News: Amar Ujala

The film ‘Humare Barah’ is in a lot of discussions before its release. The film is also surrounded by controversies. The situation is such that the release of the film is in danger and the matter has reached the court. Recently, the producers had a big shock. The High Court had banned its release. But, today there is a news of relief for the producers. Bombay High Court has given the green signal to the release of ‘Humare Barah’. In fact, the producers themselves have agreed to delete two dialogues from the film. After this, the High Court has given permission to release the film today on Friday.

It is known that the Bombay High Court first banned its release till June 14. After this, the Karnataka government banned the release of the film ‘Humare Barah’ for two weeks or till further orders. The release of the film has been banned under the sections of the Karnataka Cinema Act, 1964, saying that if it is allowed to be released in the state, communal tension will arise. But, today the Bombay High Court has allowed the release of the film.

The story of the film ‘Humare Barah’ is set in the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh and highlights the serious issue of population growth and its multifaceted effects. The film, starring Annu Kapoor, Manoj Joshi, Parth Samthaan and Paritosh Tripathi, has caught the attention of the people for its bold story and thought-provoking themes since its announcement. Earlier, the producers and crew of the film had lodged a complaint at the Versova police station on May 24 that they were continuously receiving death and rape threats from unknown persons through social media.

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