Bihar News : Four Children Drowned in the River in Bettiah, Three Died. Bihar Police – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live

Bihar News : Four children drowned in the river in Bettiah, three died. Bihar Police

Villagers gathered at the spot.
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Three children died after drowning in Gandak and Harha rivers in Bagaha of Bettiah, Bihar. Meanwhile, the search for one is still on by local divers. The accident took place at two places. The first incident is from Poor House village, while the second incident is from Godiyapatti village. In both the accidents, three girls and one boy drowned, in which the body of one girl has not been recovered yet.

children drowned like this

Locals say that cousins ​​drowned while crossing the Gandak river near Godiyapatti Ghat on Monday evening. With the help of villagers, the bodies of both were taken out of the Gandak river. Both the deceased have been identified as Sunil Kumar (10), son of Sabru Chaudhary, and Payal Kumari (12), daughter of Vijay Chaudhary. Villagers say that Sunil and Payal, grandsons of Bhulai Chaudhary, had gone to see the Diyara farm in the morning by crossing the Gandak river with their grandfather. Later in the evening, both of them were returning to Bagaha after crossing the river without telling anyone. Due to less water, they started crossing the river on foot, but both of them drowned due to going into deep water, due to which both of them died. Here, Pratima Kumari (10), daughter of Poor House resident Rajesh Gond, and Takli Kumari (11), daughter of Awadh Bihari, went to bathe in the Harha river in the afternoon due to the humid heat. During this, both the girls went into the deep water of the river and drowned. However, seeing the girls drowning, the local people tried to take them out. Pratima’s body was taken out, but Takli Kumari is still missing. JDU MLC Bhishma Sahni said that efforts are being made to find the bodies of the drowned girls with the help of local divers.

Police engaged in action

Regarding the incident, City Police Station Head Anil Kumar Singh said that on receiving the information, SI Mukesh Kumar has been sent to the spot. The body is being searched with the help of local people. At the same time, information about this has also been given to the CO of Zone Bagaha 1.

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