Bihar Lok Sabha Election 2024 Live Pm Modi Two Day Bihar Visit Election Meeting In Hajipur Muzaffarpur – Amar Ujala Hindi News Live – Pm Modi Bihar Visit Live: PM Modi’s attack on Lalu, said

12:38 PM, 13-May-2024

20 thousand crore rupees have been saved for the poor in electricity bills.

PM Modi said that Modi has given another guarantee to increase the savings of every family. Now all the elders in Bihar, whose age is above 70 years. Your son sitting in Delhi will take the responsibility of his treatment. People above 70 years of age will be provided free treatment up to Rs 5 lakh. During Congress times, an LED bulb used to cost four hundred rupees. Modi reduced its price to Rs 40 to Rs 50. In this way, Rs 20 thousand crores have been saved in the electricity bills of the poor. Modi government has made another plan. Through this your electricity bill will become zero. You will become a hero by generating electricity at home. Its name is PM Suryaghar Yojana. Under this, the government will give you 75 thousand rupees for installing solar panels on the roof. Lakhs of farmers of Bihar have got the benefit of Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.

12:33 PM, 13-May-2024

Lakhs of youth were given jobs under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar.

PM Modi said that lakhs of youth were given jobs under the leadership of CM Nitish Kumar. Eight new medical colleges were approved in Bihar. More than ten thousand Ayushman Arogya temples have been built. More than 60 thousand common service centers have been opened for state works. Today common service centers are running in the country. If the youth of this country are not running it then who is running it? What was the inflation situation ten years ago? Then a song used to play. Inflation is a witch. At that time Congress used to demand tax on income of Rs 20 thousand. Today, under Modi government, you did not have to pay even a single rupee tax till you earned Rs 50-60 thousand. At that time the poor did not have mobile phones. Now every hand has a mobile. At that time it was difficult for the poor family to run the kitchen.

12:29 PM, 13-May-2024

PM Narendra Modi’s public meeting in Muzaffarpur.
– Photo: Amar Ujala

PM Modi attacked Congress and RJD

PM Modi reached Muzaffarpur to address the public meeting. PM Modi has attacked Congress and RJD here also. He said that the fodder sellers in Bihar have given even more dangerous statements. They want to loot the reservation of Dalit, backward, extremely backward and tribal people and give it to Muslims. I will risk my life but will neither let you touch the Constitution nor play with reservation. No one will get reservation on the basis of religion. This is Modi’s guarantee.

11:39 AM, 13-May-2024

PM asked friends, who is Modi’s heir?

PM Modi government enumerated the development schemes of the central government. PM asked friends, who is Modi’s heir? you can tell. You are Modi’s heir. You have your family and your children. That’s why I have to give you everything and leave. I want to give you a happy and peaceful life. I have to leave a developed India in your hands. PM Modi said that only through Mudra Yojana, assistance worth Rs 2.5 lakh crore was given to the youth of Bihar. That too on Modi’s guarantee. Modi has faith in the youth of Bihar.

11:31 AM, 13-May-2024

Modi seized Rs 2,200 crore in 10 years

PM Modi said that RJD and Congress together have played with Bihar. These people opposed women’s reservation. Women did not get reservation due to the distorted mentality of RJD and Congress. But, when you sent me to Parliament, I had given reservation to women. During RJD rule there was only kidnapping industry. The people of Hajipur have seen Jungle Raj. Modi has come out with the dream of developed India and developed Bihar. The fight against the corrupt is the first priority. Looting money from the poor doesn’t let me sleep. When Congress and RJD were in power at the Centre, ED had seized Rs 35 lakh in the entire country in 10 years. This much money should be enough to fill the school bag. The thieves were stealing. When Modi came, he searched the house of thieves. In the last 10 years, Modi confiscated Rs 2,200 crore. For this, 70 small trucks are required. That’s why these people are abusing Modi. These people looted you and got you land in exchange of job. The one who snatches the land of the poor will not go away unscathed. The country’s economy is progressing rapidly during Modi’s tenure.

11:27 AM, 13-May-2024

Congress and RJD made appeasement the biggest political weapon.

PM Modi said that Congress and RJD made appeasement the biggest political weapon. Every group of Indie Alliance is talking bad things about Ram Mandir. Ram is teasing you by abusing the temple. You are not the priority of RJD and Congress. Rather they have their own vote bank. PM Modi said that the person who brought Jungle Raj to Bihar, who has been found guilty by the court in the fodder scam and has been punished, has given a statement that Muslims should be given reservation, that too in full. That means they now want to give the entire reservation given to Dalits, backward classes and tribals to Muslims. These people neither care about Baba Saheb nor the Constitution. The Dalit, backward and tribal people of Bihar will not let RJD and Congress snatch away their rights. I guarantee you that as long as Modi is alive these people cannot encroach on your rights. Your reservation cannot be taken away. Gone are the times when these people had torn the paper regarding women’s reservation. If these people do this today, they will have to give and take.

11:24 AM, 13-May-2024

PM Modi attacked RJD and Congress

PM Modi said that in the name of social justice, how much darkness the lantern people spread in Bihar. These people pushed the people of Bihar into poverty and deprivation and gave them jungle raj. These people ruined everyone and built their own luxurious palaces. Can such people do any good to Bihar? RJD and Congress do not have the will to take Bihar forward. They are thinking that they should loot as much as they can in the time that is still left. He is busy raising his children. They have forgotten your child. People of RJD and Congress run away from development works. Because it takes hard work. Have to support yourself. These people have ruined many decades of Bihar due to their negativity. We have to save Bihar from such people.

11:20 AM, 13-May-2024

cast your vote to form government

PM Modi said that this is the first Lok Sabha election when we will vote for our friend late. Ram Vilas is fighting in the absence of Paswan ji. Ram Vilas ji had a big dream for Hajipur. We are all committed to fulfilling their dreams. The Fourth of June is not far away. The election results will once again say Modi government. If someone votes for RJD, Congress and Indi Alliance by mistake, then his vote is sure to go waste. People of Bihar are very intelligent. Therefore, cast your vote to form the government.

11:18 AM, 13-May-2024

PM Modi reached Hajipur

PM Modi has reached Hajipur to address the public meeting. He called Vajjika language as a greeting to the people. Also there is an appeal to the voters to vote. Said that this election is a great festival of democracy. High turnout further enhances its beauty. Your every vote becomes a jewel of our democracy.

11:05 AM, 13-May-2024

Seen serving langar in Patna Sahib

A picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has surfaced. He was seen serving langar in Patna Sahib. BJP posted this picture of PM’s service in langar on social media and wrote that Satguru’s service is successful, J ko kare chit laaye. PM Modi served langar at Patna Sahib Gurudwara.

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