Big opportunity to earn money by opening Hallmarking Centre, you can apply sitting at home

New Delhi. Modi Government had given 1 year time to jewelers to sell the old stock, which has now been extended to June 2021. Earlier, jewelers were ordered to sell old stock by January 15, 2021. Let us tell you that hallmarking of gold will become mandatory in the country from June next year. Now hallmarking will become mandatory in 14, 18 and 22 carat gold. For this, the government has so far opened 921 Assaying & Hallmarking centers in 234 districts. The Modi government has prepared a blueprint to open hallmarking centers in every district of the country by June 2021.

Hallmarking centers will open in every block of the country
Consumer and Food Minister Ramvilas Paswan says that the government will open hallmarking centers in every block of the country in the next few years. With this, jewelers will now have to register with BIS. Along with this, anyone who wants to open a hallmarking center can apply by visiting This can provide employment to lakhs of people in the country.

Registration for Hallmark Center-Any person who wants to open a hallmarking center will have to apply by visiting Jewelers can also apply online for recognition of Hallmarking Centers and renewal of recognition.

Along with this, every jeweler in the country will also have to register. Jewelers will now have to register with BIS. Through this, the online system of registration and renewal of registration of jewelers was started.

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While buying gold, customers definitely pay attention to its quality.

Jewelers and purity will be checked at hallmarking centers
Recently, Paswan had launched a new module for online registration of jewelers and purity testing cum hallmarking centres. Through this, the online system of registration and renewal of registration of jewelers was started. Along with this, online system was also launched for recognition and renewal of recognition of gold jewelery assaying and hallmarking centres. Now jewelery traders can register online only.

It will be easy to quickly resolve complaints of irregularities
Hallmarking Center: This will make it possible to monitor the process of application forms on real time basis. With the online system, it will be easy to quickly resolve complaints of irregularities in hallmarking of jewellery. BIS is also working on a module for automation of workflow at assaying and hallmarking centres, which is expected to be ready by December 20.

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Reviewing the work of BIS, Paswan said that the need to increase the number of hallmarking has been felt. Therefore he sanctioned additional manpower in the branch offices. He expressed hope that with the launch of these two online systems, jewelers and related entrepreneurs will also be able to join the efforts of the government to provide gold jewelery of certified quality and purity to the consumers.

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