Bhilwara Lok Sabha election 2024 result counting preparation three layer | All preparations for counting of votes in Bhilwara complete, extensive security arrangements will be made, know

Bhilwara Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result: In view of Bhilwara Lok Sabha General Election-2024, the counting of votes to be held on June 4 will be done at Government Polytechnic College Tilak Nagar from 8 am. Counting of EVMs, ETPB and postal ballots will be done in a total of 11 rooms. For this, a total of 142 tables including RO, ARO will be set up. 121 tables will be set up for counting EVM votes, 6 tables for counting votes received from ETPB and 15 tables for counting postal ballots.

District Election Officer Namit Mehta said that on June 4, counting of votes will be done for a total of 2221 polling stations of eight assembly constituencies of Bhilwara parliamentary constituency. The maximum 313 polling stations are in Asind assembly constituency, whose counting will be done in 23 rounds. Whereas there are 285 polling stations in Hindoli where there will be 21 rounds. There are 282 polling stations in Mandal where counting of votes will be done in 21 rounds.

In how many rounds will the counting take place at which centre
Similarly, counting of votes of 278 polling stations in Shahpura will be done in 20 rounds, counting of votes of 277 polling stations in Mandalgarh will be done in 20 rounds, counting of votes of 270 polling stations in Sahada will be done in 20 rounds. Counting of votes of 258 polling stations in Bhilwara will be done in 19 rounds and counting of votes of 258 polling stations in Jahazpur will be done in 19 rounds. Assembly wise numbers of rooms have been allotted for counting of votes.

15 tables each in seven rooms
There will be a total of fifteen tables in each room of seven assembly constituencies. One of these tables will be for RO or ARO. While the counting of votes of Hindoli will be done in two rooms. There will be a total of sixteen tables here. The counting of votes of four assembly constituencies will be done on the ground floor while the rest will be done on the first floor.

So many votes will be counted
A total of 13 lakh 5 thousand 97 votes were cast in Bhilwara Lok Sabha constituency on polling day. Out of which 12 lakh 96 thousand 228 votes were cast on EVM and 8 thousand 11 postal and 858 service votes. Out of 12 lakh 96 thousand 228 votes cast on EVM, 1 lakh 80 thousand 557 votes are from Aasind assembly constituency. 1 lakh 69 thousand 636 votes are from Mandal assembly constituency, 1 lakh 42 thousand 111 votes are from Sahada assembly constituency, 1 lakh 82 thousand 861 votes are from Bhilwara assembly constituency, 1 lakh 56 thousand 971 votes are from Shahpura assembly constituency, 1 lakh 49 thousand 755 votes are from Jahazpur assembly constituency and 1 lakh 52 thousand 596 votes are from Mandalgarh assembly constituency and 1 lakh 61 thousand 741 votes are from Hindoli assembly constituency.

Three-tier security arrangements at counting centre
Mehta said that tight security arrangements have been made at the counting venue. Instructions have been given to strictly follow the security norms at the counting centre. There will be a three-tier security system at the counting venue. The first level of the security ring will start from the counting complex and a 100-metre perimeter around the complex, the second level and the middle ring will be at the gate of the counting complex. It will be operated by the armed police. The third level and the innermost ring will be at the door of the counting hall. It will be operated by the Central Armed Police Force.

Arrangements to protect against heat at counting centres
In view of the scorching heat, proper cooling arrangements will be made at the counting centre and uninterrupted power supply will be ensured at the entire counting venue. For the convenience of counting personnel and counting agents, cold drinking water, medical kits and coolers will be arranged in each counting room.

Report by Surendra Sagar from Bhilwara.

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