Bharatpur Road Accident bus collided with a parked truck 37 passengers injured 5 referred to Jaipur ann

Bharatpur Road Accident: A private AC bus collided with a parked truck in Ghanouli police station area of ​​Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. About 37 passengers travelling in the bus were injured due to the collision with the truck. As soon as the information about the collision between the bus and the truck was received, the police reached the spot and all the injured were immediately rushed to the district RBM hospital. 5 injured were referred to Jaipur as their condition was critical in RBM hospital.

The injured passenger travelling in the bus told that the incident happened at around 1 o’clock late night. An AC sleeper bus was going from Gwalior to Ajmer. It is said that before the accident, the driver and conductor had stopped the vehicle at a hotel and had food. They left after eating and the bus collided with a parked truck near village Jangi Ka Nagla of Ghanouli police station area. The passengers in the bus were almost asleep. All the passengers in the bus were injured.

Many injured were discharged after first aid
As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot. After which, with the help of private vehicles and ambulances, they were taken to RBM Hospital. There were many injured who were discharged after first aid. Some injured were discharged in the morning. About 20 passengers are still admitted in RBM Hospital.

The injured were taken to the hospital
The injured told that they were sleeping during the incident. Suddenly there was a very loud explosion. After which when the passengers woke up, many passengers in the bus were screaming. Many passengers were seriously injured. After some time the police team arrived at the spot. After which everyone was taken to the hospital. This bus left from Gwalior at 8 o’clock. Which was going to Ajmer. Some passengers were also from Jaipur. Many women and children have also been injured in the incident.

What does the injured passenger have to say?
Ajaypal Singh, a passenger travelling in the bus, said that we left Gwalior at around 8 pm. The bus conductor and driver had food after leaving Dholpur. After that, the driver drove the bus at a high speed. During this, the bus went out of control and collided with a parked truck. There was a loud noise and screaming in the bus and a large number of passengers were injured. At night, the police and the villagers came and took the injured out of the bus and called an ambulance and sent them to the hospital.

what does the police have to say
Ghanouli police station officer Uday Chand Meena said that information was received from the control room at night that a bus had collided with a truck. On receiving the information, he immediately reached the spot where a private bus had collided with a parked truck. About 37 passengers were injured in the bus, including 22 men, 9 women and 6 children, who were taken to the district RBM hospital by calling an ambulance. Due to the bus colliding with the truck, the driver and conductor were badly stuck in the cabin. To rescue them, a JCB was called and the cabin was pulled by the JCB and the driver and conductor were taken out and sent to the hospital.

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