Bharatpur Lok Sabha election 2024 result Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav won CM Bhajan Lal Sharma Ann

Bharatpur Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result: Bharatpur is called the eastern gate of Rajasthan. Bharatpur district is also the home district of Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma. Now the big question is that 26-year-old Sanjana Jatav contested the Lok Sabha elections on a Congress ticket and won by defeating BJP candidate Ramswaroop Koli by 51983 votes. When fellow journalists were asked about this, on the condition of anonymity, fellow journalists told that there are many reasons for the victory of the Congress candidate in the Chief Minister’s home district.

The biggest reason for BJP’s defeat in Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat is that Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat is a Jat dominated seat and the Jat community of Bharatpur-Dholpur does not get the benefit of OBC reservation at the center. The Jat community of other districts of Rajasthan get the benefit of OBC reservation at the center.

Ganga water campaign was started
Bharatpur – The Jat community of Dholpur had protested demanding reservation for OBCs in the Centre. This demand of the Jat community was not accepted by the Central Government, so the Jat community started Gangajal Abhiyan to defeat the BJP demanding reservation. This is the reason why the Jat community of Bharatpur district turned against the BJP and Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav won.

That’s why BJP had to face defeat
The second big reason that has come to light is that the caste equations were in favour of Sanjana. The votes of the scheduled castes which earlier used to go to the Bahujan Samaj Party have this time mobilised and gone in favour of the Congress. This is because the Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat is reserved for the scheduled castes. That is why Sanjana Jatav has won and the Bharatiya Janata Party candidate has faced defeat.

That’s why the Muslim community was angry with BJP
There are about 2.5 lakh Muslim voters in Bharatpur Lok Sabha constituency. People of Muslim community are considered to be the core voters of Congress. All the votes of Muslim community have gone in favor of Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav. Muslim community is also considered to be angry with BJP due to the daily police action in Mewat area.

This is why Sanjana Jatav won the election
This is the reason why Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav defeated BJP candidate Ramswaroop Koli by 51 thousand 983 votes in Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat and got ticket for Delhi Lok Sabha. In the Chief Minister’s home district, it can be said that Jat, Jatav, Muslim, Meena castes united against BJP and all castes sided with Congress, this is the reason why Sanjana Jatav won the election.

Sanjana Jatav, who lost the 2023 assembly elections from Kathumar assembly by 409 votes, but this Lok Sabha Elections Her luck changed and she demolished the Chief Minister’s stronghold and reached Delhi by becoming an MP from Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat.

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