Benjamin Netanyahu Big blow amid Israel-Hamas war member of war cabinet resigns

Israel–Hamas War: Benjamin Netanyahu has suffered a major setback after the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Benny Gantz, a member of the Israeli war cabinet, has resigned from his post. He has cited several reasons, including lack of planning after the Gaza war. There is no threat to the government right now due to Benny Gantz’s resignation, but after this he has become more dependent on the coalition leaders. Benny Gantz said in a TV interview before resigning, ‘Benjamin prevents us from moving towards a real victory in Gaza, so today we are resigning from the emergency government with a heavy heart.’

Before this step, Benny Gantz had given an ultimatum to Netanyahu last month, he had asked for a new plan for the Gaza war by June 8. It is being told that Benny Gantz was going to resign on Saturday itself, but he postponed it after the news of the release of 4 hostages in an operation by Israeli forces. 270 people have died in this operation. According to a report by Middle East Eye, ‘Israeli forces have targeted people’s homes and bombed them. One person said that innocent people have been killed in this operation, I have never seen anything like this. This is a kind of devastation.’

Netanyahu had appealed not to resign
According to the report, Netanyahu had also made a lot of efforts to stop Gantz. On Saturday, Netanyahu had appealed to remain in the government. Netanyahu had said that in view of the current crises before us, it is important to remain united within the government. Netanyahu said, ‘I appeal to Benny Gantz not to leave the emergency government, maintain unity.’ In fact, the war cabinet was formed within 4 days after the Hamas attack on October 7. After Gantz’s resignation, the representation of any party other than Netanyahu’s party in the war cabinet will end.

Demand for appointment of new member in cabinet
Now, apart from Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Galant will be the only member left in this cabinet to take decisions. He is a member of Netanyahu’s party Likud. After Benny Gantz’s resignation, far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has immediately demanded a seat in the war cabinet. He said that now the time has come to take bold decisions. At the same time, some opposition leaders have justified the resignation.

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