Before the elections, this leader had to pay a heavy price for leaving SP! The magic did not work, what decision will Akhilesh take now?

Lok Sabha Elections Results 2024: The results of Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections were interesting in many ways, where BJP had to face defeat, while Samajwadi Party became the largest party in the state. At the same time, all the candidates of Pallavi Patel’s Apna Dal Kamerawadi Party, who rebelled against SP just before the elections, lost their deposits. Not a single candidate of theirs could even cross the figure of 8 thousand votes. AIMIM leader and MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi also came to UP in support of Pallavi, but his magic did not work either. Now the question arises whether Pallavi and SP will have an alliance again? If Akhilesh gets such a proposal, what will be his stand?

Just before the Lok Sabha elections, Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav distanced himself from Pallavi Patel’s Apna Dal Kamerawadi, after which Pallavi Patel formed the PDM (Backward, Dalit and Muslim) front along with Asaduddin Owaisi’s party and fielded candidates on many seats. Pallavi Patel’s PDM front was being said to be a problem for the Samajwadi Party’s PDA, but when the election results came, all the claims were blown away.

Apna Dal (A) suffered a bad fate in the election results. 11 candidates of Pallavi Patel’s PDM Front could not even save their deposits.  

Apna Dal (A) candidates’ deposits forfeited
– Apna Dal (A) had fielded Mo. Kashif Ansari from Sitapur Lok Sabha seat. A total of 1102015 votes were cast on this seat. Ansari came fourth in the list and got only 7586 votes. 

– Apna Dal (A) came in eighth place in Rae Bareli seat. Party candidate Mohammad Mobin got only 2174 votes.

– Rishi Patel of Apna Dal (A) got 2429 votes from Pratapgarh seat while a total of 947288 votes were cast on his seat. His deposit was also forfeited from this seat.

– A total of 13,80,506 votes were cast in Jhansi Lok Sabha seat, in which Chandan Singh of Apna Dal (A) got 2491 votes.

– Pramod Azad of Apna Dal (A) got only 2142 votes out of 10,09,329 votes in Banda seat and his deposit was forfeited.

– On Kaushambi seat, Apna Dal’s Narendra Kumar came fifth and got only 5131 votes.

– Mahima Patel of Apna Dal (A) got 4162 votes in Phulpur, Hansraj Kol got 2141 votes in Allahabad seat, Shah Alam got 2003 votes in Jaunpur, Gagan Prakash Yadav got 3634 votes in Varanasi, Daulat Singh Patel got 5235 votes in Mirzapur and all of them lost their deposits.

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