Before India-Pakistan match, PCB got into a different fight, agreed only after bowing down to ICC, due to this reason hotel was changed


Pakistan Cricket Board had requested ICC to change the hotel.On complaint, ICC has made available a new hotel to Pakistan Cricket team. The match between India and Pakistan is to be held on 9th June.

New Delhi. Everyone is waiting for the match between India and Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2024. If we look at the last two T20 World Cup matches, Pakistan won in 2021 and Rohit Sharma’s men won in 2022. Now before the match to be held on June 9, the Pakistan Cricket Board is currently embroiled in a different battle. This battle is not for anything else but for the hotel in which the team is staying. A complaint has been given by the PCB to the ICC regarding changing the hotel. The ICC has taken action on the complaint of the Pakistan Cricket Board and got them checked in to the new hotel.

Now the question arises that why did the Pakistan cricket team need to go to a new hotel? What happened that the Pakistan Cricket Board had to knock on the ICC’s door to change the hotel room in the middle of the T20 World Cup. Actually, the Pakistan cricket team complained that the hotel provided to them by the ICC is about one and a half hours away from the cricket stadium in New York. The team has to waste a lot of time just reaching the stadium for practice. On the complaint of the PCB, the ICC has provided them a new hotel located at a distance of just five minutes from the stadium.

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This is the first time that the T20 World Cup is being organized in America. America and West Indies are jointly organizing this World Cup. All the matches of India’s league stage will be organized in America. After this, the remaining matches will be held in West Indies. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the match between India and Pakistan. All the tickets for this match have already been sold. The rate of these tickets is so high that it is not easy for everyone to buy them.

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