Bastar Lok Sabha elections Result 2024 NOTA got third highest votes after BJP Congress ann

Bastar Lok Sabha Election Result 2024: The results of the Lok Sabha elections 2024 have come out and out of 11 seats in Chhattisgarh, BJP candidates have won 10 seats, while on the one hand Congress is churning about its defeat, on the other hand BJP is celebrating all over the state, BJP candidate Mahesh Kashyap has won from Bastar Lok Sabha seat,

Here, just like the assembly elections, in the election held on Bastar Lok Sabha seat too, NOTA has got the third most votes, that is, after the BJP-Congress candidate, no candidate in the third place has been able to get more votes than NOTA, the highest number of 9 thousand 467 people have pressed the NOTA button in Dantewada, and in the entire Bastar Lok Sabha seat, a total of 36 thousand 753 votes have been cast for NOTA.

NOTA is at number three
Actually, in the Lok Sabha elections held in 11 seats of Chhattisgarh, like the last assembly elections, this time also, the people of Bastar have used the option of None of the Above, that is, NOTA, extensively in the Bastar Lok Sabha seat. This button was at the end of the electronic voting machine. The situation is such that NOTA has been in third place in the Bastar Lok Sabha seat. In the last two elections, including the assembly and Lok Sabha Elections It is being seen that the people of Bastar are pressing the NOTA button if they do not like the candidates. This button is being used extensively in Bastar since the beginning. Along with the urban areas, villagers in tribal areas of Bastar have also pressed the NOTA button.

NOTA came third and got the most votes
It was believed that in Bastar, the candidates of CPI, Sarv Adi Dal and Hamar Raj Party would get the most votes after BJP-Congress, but this was not seen in the entire Lok Sabha seat, and NOTA got the third highest number of votes, here BJP and Congress have also suffered losses due to NOTA voting, in the 8 assembly constituencies under the Bastar Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress candidate got very less votes, if instead of NOTA, the votes were cast for BJP-Congress in these seats, the result could have changed, but the people of Bastar were so dissatisfied with the candidates that they used NOTA extensively in this election.

Where in the 8 assembly constituencies did the maximum NOTA votes fall?
According to the data received from 8 assembly constituencies under Bastar Lok Sabha, a total of 36,733 votes were cast on the NOTA button, of which the highest number of votes were cast in Dantewada (9467), Narayanpur (4845), Bastar (2326), Chitrakote (6588), Jagdalpur (2429), Konta assembly constituency (4694), Bijapur (3453) and Kondagaon (2931).

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