Bastar historical Gangamunda pond is on the verge of collapsing due to encroachment dirt spread around pond ann

Jagdalpur Ganga Munda Pond Encroachment: Jagdalpur city of Chhattisgarh is called the city of ponds, but at present the situation is that due to lack of conservation of these ponds, many ponds have become extinct and the condition of the ponds that have survived has become worse. Dalpat Sagar, which is one of the largest ponds of India, was renovated by spending crores of rupees, but the corporation government is proving to be unsuccessful in removing water hyacinth from this pond.

At the same time, the condition of Gangamunda pond, the second historical and oldest pond of Jagdalpur city, has also become deplorable, the situation is such that Gangamunda pond has been converted into Gandamunda pond, and this pond has also become a victim of encroachment, there is indiscriminate encroachment around the pond. This is being done, not only this, this pond has been turned into a dustbin, the dirt and garbage coming out of the city is being thrown around the Gangamunda pond by the cleaning staff of the corporation.

There is resentment among the people
Besides, household wastes are being dumped in the pond, the pond spread over 175 acres is gradually shrinking, but the corporation administration does not seem to be making any efforts for its conservation and promotion, due to which the intellectuals of the city and Gangamunda are There is a lot of resentment against the corporation administration among the people associated with the Save the Pond campaign.

was once used for drinking water
People living around this historic Gangamuda pond say that till a few years ago, the people of Gangamuda used to drink the water of this pond. This pond was clean and spread across 175 acres. The people living nearby used to use the water of this pond for drinking purposes as well as for disposal. But now the situation is such that there is so much filth in this pond that it has become difficult to even pass by the pond.

no effort is being made
The corporation administration has left this pond in a bad condition, gradually the pond is shrinking and the water of the pond is also drying up, not only this, all the filth is being thrown into this pond by the people nearby. This pond is cleaned a little by the corporation administration only on the day of Chhath festival, and then it is left in the same condition throughout the year. Former councilor of this ward, Anita Yadav, says that even the local public representatives are not making any efforts for the conservation and improvement of this pond, due to which the existence of Gangamunda pond is in danger.

City filth being thrown around the pond
Meanwhile, members associated with Save Gangamunda Pond Campaign, Ajay Paul, D.R. Parashar, Ajay Tiwari, Subbarao, Srinivas Rao and Ishwar say that Gangamunda Pond is the largest pond and historical pond after Dalpat Sagar in Jagdalpur city. It is spread over about 175 acres. The pond is spread out, but there is complete filth all around it, not only this, the pond is completely covered with water hyacinth, apart from this, the pond is gradually becoming a victim of encroachment.

The pond will reach the point of extinction
The pond itself is gradually being taken over by the encroachers on the banks of the pond, not only this, the entire filth of the city is being thrown around the pond, due to which now it has become difficult to even pass through this area, however from today onwards. Three years ago, the pond was cleaned to a great extent by the members of Gangamunda Talab Bachao Manch and the corporation administration by running a cleaning campaign, but once again due to the indifference of the corporation administration and the neglect of the local public representatives, the existence of the pond is in danger. It is gone and no efforts are being made to save it.

People associated with the Save Gangamunda Pond Campaign say that if steps are not taken soon by the corporation administration for its conservation and promotion, then the Gangamunda Pond will also become extinct.

Historic pond becoming victim of encroachment
Here, not only the Gangamunda pond but also the concrete road built by the corporation administration around it has become a victim of encroachment, this road is also gradually being taken over by the people living around the pond. Illegal construction is being carried out in Gangamunda pond by filling it with soil, regarding which the municipal administration is not paying any attention. Despite the city’s intellectuals continuously drawing the attention of the municipal corporation officials towards this, the administration officials are sitting with a blind eye.

Commissioner asked Revenue Department to inspect
Here in this matter, Corporation Commissioner Haresh Mandavi says that the Corporation has prepared a plan for the beautification of the pond and to make it clean, work on it will be done soon, while regarding the continuous encroachment, the Corporation Commissioner says that this It is a matter of revenue, they have also received complaints that encroachment is being done continuously, for which the Commissioner has said that he will soon inspect around this pond along with the officials of the Revenue Department.

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