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Bail of 148 out of 162 candidates convicted in Delhi

Raj Kumar Anand was a minister in the Delhi government…
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Out of the total 162 candidates who contested the Lok Sabha elections, only 14 were accepted by the public. Apart from these, the remaining 148 candidates lost their deposits. In fact, the highest voting percentage in Delhi was 62.89% in East Delhi constituency and the lowest voting percentage was 55.43% in New Delhi constituency.

To save their deposit in New Delhi Lok Sabha seat, candidates needed 1,40,891 votes. Whereas 2,58,180 votes were required for East Delhi seat. In elections, candidates need 1/6th of the total votes to save their deposit. On the day of voting, out of 1,52,01,936 voters of Delhi, only 58.69% i.e. 89,23,536 people cast their votes.

Out of the seven seats, New Delhi had the least number of voters, 8.45 lakh. As per the rule, a candidate needs 1,40,891 lakh votes to save his deposit. There was a contest between 17 candidates on the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat. Out of these, Bansuri Swaraj and Somnath Bharti got more than 1.4 lakh votes. The remaining 15 candidates lost their deposit.

There were 28 candidates in the North-East seat

In the North East Delhi seat which had the highest voter turnout, 15,49,80 out of 24,63,159 voters had cast their vote. In such a situation, the candidates needed 2,58,180 votes to save their deposit. There were 28 candidates in the fray in the North East Delhi seat, out of which, apart from Manoj Tiwari and Kanhaiya Kumar, the deposit of 26 candidates was forfeited. In the remaining five seats also, the public rejected everyone except the candidates of BJP and alliance.

The former minister could not even save his bail

Former Delhi Social Welfare Minister Raj Kumar Anand could not even save his deposit in the Lok Sabha elections. He contested the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat on a Bahujan Samaj Party ticket. He got 5629 votes in the election. This is only 0.66 percent of the total votes cast. Rajkumar Anand got 28 votes through postal ballots in the election, while he got 5601 votes through EVMs. Anand resigned accusing the Delhi government of corruption. After this, he decided to contest the election from New Delhi.

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