Awesome couple! Husband is shorter than 3 feet, bride is 1 inch taller, fell in love 18 years ago, that’s why they are in news now!

The world’s shortest married couple has entered the Guinness World Record for their height. People on social media are surprised by their love story. 31-year-old Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and 28-year-old Katyusha Lee Hoshino from Brazil first met online in 2006 and have spent many years happily in love. Now they are the youngest couple to get married since the record was made. Recently, this couple is once again in the headlines on social media.

They said, “We may be small, but we have big hearts and a lot of love for each other as well as everyone in our lives. Our lives are not without challenges, but we are very happy that we can face these challenges together.” The couple’s total height is 181.41 cm, with Paulo measuring 90.28 cm and Katyucia 91.13 cm.

But a recent Instagram post about the award winners has brought them back into the spotlight. Commenters have focused more on the love between the couple than their height. One user wrote, “Love wins.” Another posted, “Well done. Congratulations to you both!”

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