Apple iOS 18 With Game Mode More Customization on Home Screen Control Center Privacy Features Announced All Details

Apple introduced its latest iOS 18 version for iPhone at the WWDC event held on Monday. The company has updated the latest upgrade with many new features. Along with this, the company claims that the new version will also improve the performance of the device. The new iOS 18 will get a more customizable homescreen than before, in which you can set the app icon wherever you want on the homescreen, similar to Android. Control Center is also becoming more advanced than before, in which you will get more than one page to swipe. Due to this, you will be able to set as many shortcuts toggles as you like in the Control Center. The company has also added Game Mode to iOS 18, which works to improve gaming performance. All the features of iOS 18 are explained in detail below.

Apple has unveiled iOS 18 at WWDC. Through a pre-recorded keynote, the company told about all the features of the upcoming iOS upgrade. There are many major additions in the new version and the focus is also on performance. Apple has changed iOS 18 a lot in terms of customization. The biggest change has happened in the home screen, where you will be able to place the app icons anywhere on the screen according to your wish. Apart from this, there will be more than one page in the Control Center, due to which you will be able to access more and more shortcut toggles.

Focus has also been placed on privacy. In iOS 18, you can enable authentication on any app of your choice. Apart from this, in the new version, users will have control over which contacts third-party apps can access. The company has also made some new additions to the Messages app. In this, users will be able to use any emoji in Tapback response. At the same time, new formatting options will be available for bolding, underlining, strikethrough and italicizing.

Apple iPhone Users have been waiting for satellite messaging for a long time and the company has finally introduced this feature with iOS 18. During the event, the company said that it is also expanding the satellite communication of the iPhone to allow sending messages via satellite. At the same time, the option to schedule messages has also been added. The company has confirmed that RCS is coming to Messages with iOS 18.

At WWDC Apple Reported that the Photos app has also received major improvements with iOS 18. This includes face sorting, the ability to pin collections to the top for quick access, etc. Apple’s built-in Mail app has already included better categorization and automatic sorting feature like Gmail for transactions, promotions and updates. Apart from this, the Maps app will provide more detailed topographical maps than before, which will reportedly prove useful for hikers.

The Wallet app will allow users to exchange Apple Cash without exchanging phone numbers or email addresses. For this, users will just have to tap their phones together. Game Mode is also coming to the iPhone, it will reduce background activity to maintain high performance. It also claims to make AirPods and game controllers more responsive.

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