Apple Foldable iPhone to Launch by 2027 Compete Samsung Huawei Know Details

The foldable smartphone market is growing rapidly. Therefore, Apple is preparing to make its share in this market. Apple may reportedly launch a foldable iPhone in the next few years, regarding which many rumors have surfaced.

Today a new TrendForce Report It has been said in the Apple Apple will not release a foldable phone before 2027. This may take time due to the company’s crease and reliability requirements. This means that unlike Samsung, Apple wants the folding screen to not have any kind of crease when opened. However, reliability can mean anything, but it can be assumed that Apple will want the folding mechanism to keep working for many years.

TrendForce experts say that Apple is still evaluating component specifications and performance for the first iPhone Fold, and this could take quite some time. If it is only launching in 2027, then manufacturing will probably only begin next year. So there is still time for Apple suppliers to meet all its exact specifications.

Meanwhile, in the case of foldable devices in the first quarter of this year Huawei has taken over the No. 1 spot from Samsung globally and become the No. 1 brand itself. However, the Korean company is likely to reclaim the spot after the launch of its upcoming Galaxy smartphone next month. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Samsung Flip 6 are expected to be launched. Huawei is preparing to launch the world’s first tri-fold smartphone between July and September in the third quarter. This may give tough competition to Samsung.

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