Amidst the Corona epidemic, this startup is telling the formula to stay healthy, ‘Haldivita’ will help you

New Delhi. Turmeric is a very beneficial and effective medicine for health. Turmeric works as a panacea in increasing the body’s immunity. The government is also advising the use of turmeric during the Corona period. In this context, many products made from turmeric are coming in the market today. Despite being easily available in homes, a large number of people do not know how to use turmeric properly and what are its benefits. To popularize the use of turmeric, Sameer Gupta and Ankit Khanduri have introduced the product ‘Haldivita’. This product prepared from Ayurvedic formula increases immunity which protects the body from virus infection.

Haldivita is the result of two years of intensive research. It is made from natural herbs. It does not contain any color, odor or any other preservative. Special grade turmeric Suravarna has been used in Haldivita.

This turmeric is grown near Badrinath, a remote area of ​​the Himalayas. It takes 16 to 18 months for this crop to be ready. For this reason it is also called old turmeric. Haldivita is very tasty to eat. It contains a mixture of 14 types of healthy herbs. Its consumption increases the body’s immunity. Along with this, one also gets relief from old diseases.

Sameer Gupta told that before launching it in the market, he himself consumed this product for nine months. When he came to know that his diabetes and cholesterol had come under control, he was surprised. Not only this, during this period his weight also reduced by 20 kg.

Ankit Khanduri says that the biggest concern among the people was about purity. Now during the Corona period, people’s interest in Ayurveda has increased again. Through Haldivita we are trying to restore the lost trust of the people.

Our aim is to provide pure and best products for health protection to our customers. At present this product can be purchased online through, Amazon and many other websites.

Haldivita is also being made available at more than 500 shops in different cities across the country. Ankit Khanduri told that Haldivita can be consumed by people of all ages. Currently it is being made available in the flavors of cardamom pistachio, chocolate and normal turmeric.

Haldivita can be consumed by mixing it in drinks like milk, tea and coffee or in food items like idli, upma, poha, rice etc. Consuming one spoon of Haldivita a day is sufficient for good health.

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