all eyes on reasi trending on social media after terrorist attack Dutch MP Geert Wilders said don’t let Hindu people get killed | All Eyes on Reasi: After the attack in Reasi, this country came out in support of Hindus, said

All Eyes on Reasi : The terrorist attack on pilgrims in Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir is being condemned worldwide. Pakistani terrorists have taken responsibility for this attack, so Pakistan is being targeted. On social media too, people are giving advice to unite against terrorism. After the incident, the hashtag ‘All Eyes on Reasi’ is trending. Dutch MP Geert Wilders has also released a post in support of Hindus. He wrote on Twitter that Pakistani terrorists should not be allowed to kill Hindus in the Kashmir Valley. Protect your people, India!

Let us tell you that on Sunday evening terrorists attacked a bus of pilgrims, all of them were going to visit Vaishno Devi. In this, 10 people including 3 women died and 33 were injured.

PM was taking oath in Delhi, during this time news of attack came
on 9th June Narendra Modi PM was taking oath when the news of the terrorist attack came. India had invited all the neighbouring countries to the program going on in Rashtrapati Bhavan, but Pakistan was not invited. Later the news of the terrorist attack came. After this, people got angry on social media. The hashtag All Eyes on Reasi started trending on social media. Common people were seen angry at celebrities and big people. People are appreciating Geert Wilders’ tweet because despite not being an Indian, he has given a statement against the attack.

Expressed displeasure over Bollywood celebrities
After the news and photos of the attack went viral on social media, many people have also raised questions on social media about the involvement of Bollywood celebrities in this case. Many users are also questioning the support of Bollywood celebrities on the ‘All Eyes on Rafa’ trend, who are hiding on ‘All Eyes on Reasi’.

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