Ajit Pawar Party won three seats in Arunachal Pradesh, NCP will get the status of national party

Arunachal Pradesh Assembly Elections Result: Ajit Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party has won three seats in the Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections. The election results were declared on Sunday. The three NCP candidates who have won are named Likha Soni, Nikhil Kamin and Toku Tatum.

NCP Rajya Sabha MP Praful Patel in a statement praised the leadership of Maharashtra Deputy CM Ajit Pawar. Meanwhile, on social media platform X, he claimed that this victory is “an important step in our journey to achieve the status of a national party.”

The NCP said, “Our newly elected MLAs Nikhil Kamin, Likha Soni and Toku Tatum are ready to make significant contributions to the development and political landscape of the state.” The NCP has secured 10 per cent vote share.

How does one get the status of a national party?
A political party gets recognition as a national party only when, firstly, it must get at least six per cent of the votes polled in Lok Sabha or assembly elections in four or more states, and it must also have at least four Lok Sabha members. Second, it must have at least two per cent of the Lok Sabha seats and it must have its candidates from at least three states. Thirdly, at least four states must recognise it as a state party.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the BJP’s spectacular victory in the Arunachal Pradesh assembly elections as a clear mandate for the politics of development and said that his party will continue to work with even more enthusiasm for the development of the state. BJP has returned to power in Arunachal Pradesh. The party performed brilliantly by winning 46 seats in the 60-member assembly.

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