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Actor Akshay Kumar and ambassadors of five countries kept wandering

Narendra Modi Oath Ceremony: Film stars arrived at PM Modi’s swearing-in ceremony
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Film actor Akshay Kumar had to pay a heavy price for getting lost in the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Due to this he had to walk 800-900 meters. He also had to request the security officials to go inside. He was allowed to enter the Rashtrapati Bhawan from Gate No. 2, but his car was not allowed to enter. On the other hand, five ambassadors also had to get lost after arriving late. All the gates were closed when the Prime Minister arrived for the swearing-in ceremony.

According to senior officials of Delhi Police, the film actor had to enter the Rashtrapati Bhavan from Gate No. 37 to attend the swearing-in ceremony, but he reached Gate No. 2. He did not have a pass to enter through Gate No. 2. Initially, he was not allowed to enter. After this, Akshay Kumar requested the security officials to let him in.

The security officials discussed the matter because he had a pass to enter. On his request, he was allowed to enter the Rashtrapati Bhavan, but he was not allowed to enter with his car. In such a situation, Akshay Kumar had to walk from Gate No. 2. His car was sent to Gate No. 37.

On the other hand, the ambassadors of five countries were also wandering due to their late arrival. These ambassadors had to enter the Rashtrapati Bhawan from Gate No. 37, but they reached late. At this time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had reached the swearing-in ceremony. Due to this, other gates including Gate No. 37 were closed. After this, these ambassadors reached Gate No. 2. They were not allowed entry from here. After this, messages were sent on the wireless and these ambassadors were sent to Gate 38. They were about to reach Gate No. 38, when again a message was sent that the ambassadors would be sent only to Gate No. 37. After this, these ambassadors were allowed entry into the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

There is no information about Akshay Kumar getting lost. Yes, Gate No. 37 was closed due to his late arrival and his presence in the Prime Minister’s swearing-in ceremony.

-Prashant Priya Gautam, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, New Delhi Traffic District

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