A woman turns junk into gold, a thing worth a penny, and sells it for lakhs, it’s an amazing business!

You must have seen many people who choose work for themselves according to their interest. Some of these jobs are such that you might have never seen or heard before. They say, whoever wants to earn money, finds a business for himself. This woman did the same and she is earning huge profits. Let us tell you what exactly she does?

An American woman named Molly Harris has started a different kind of business. She buys old and junk things and sells them to others at double or triple the price. This way she earns good money and the interesting thing is that for this she does not even need to go out of her house to work.

Woman makes ‘gold’ from junk…
32-year-old Molly is a mother of two children and used to live in Iowa, USA. Later she shifted to a small beach area in Florida. Her husband got a job but Molly herself used to repair the furniture lying on the side of the road, which was abandoned by the neighbors. When she showed it on social media, she started getting followers. She had given them a makeover so beautifully that people never got tired of praising them. However, she did not sell them earlier.

Millions earned from useless things
Molly used to sell nursery items online earlier, but she got good profits by flipping furniture. Sometimes she can repair one piece of furniture in a day and sometimes in a week. By selling them on the marketplace, she earns Rs 41,751 in a week and Rs 1,67,005 in a month. She benefits from collecting items and since it is her favorite work, she also enjoys it.

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