A very beautiful house is being sold, but such a thing is hidden in the room, eyes wide open after seeing it

Whenever someone goes to buy a house, he looks at its features. What things are kept in it, how it has been painted. How is the interior, etc etc… But recently a beautiful house was listed for sale in Britain. But after seeing what was seen in the room, people were left in tears. They do not understand why this thing has been done here.

A person posted about this house on the social media platform Reddit. Written in the caption, Nothing matches with purple. Actually, this five bedroom bungalow has recently come in the market. This house built on 1.5 acres is being sold for 695,000 pounds, which is much cheaper than the market rate here. But there is something inside it which has surprised the home buyers as well as the real estate agencies.

Nothing rhymes with purple
byu/FleabittenCat inSpottedonRightmove

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