A seven foot monster was found on the seashore, people were getting worried about what it was? Then the scientist told the truth!

Recently, some people saw a seven-foot sea creature on the beach. Its pictures created a sensation on social media. People were asking what it is after seeing the pictures of this unique creature? Scientists have finally found out what this creature is?

This unique creature was found on Gearhart Beach in Oregon, New Zealand. After the pictures of this giant creature went viral, a Kiwi scientist identified this giant creature. The Seaside Aquarium revealed that this 7.3-foot giant fish is part of the sunfish family. This sunfish was seen on June 3.

“Initially, this large, strange-looking fish caused quite a stir on social media and even though it was a storm, people flocked to the beach to see this unusual fish,” the aquarium shared on Facebook.

Marianne Nyegaard of New Zealand recently studied the fish and identified it as a different species from the common ocean sunfish, or Mola mola. “The photos she saw suggested it may not be the common ocean sunfish (Mola mola) but a different species from the one she was very familiar with, the hoodwinker sunfish (Mola tecta),” the aquarium said.

According to the Mirror report, it was Nygard’s research that led to the discovery and description of this new sunfish species, which he published in 2017. It was described as a new species that is not normally easily visible. Its discovery was made possible due to genetic sampling.

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Britannica says that Mola tecta, also known as the hoodwinker sunfish, can grow to a length of about eight feet. Despite this impressive size, it is actually smaller than other members of the sunfish family, which can grow to over 10 feet. This fish is easily recognizable because of its bullet-like shape, tough skin, and small mouth equipped with beak-like teeth.

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