A ‘monstrous fish’ was found on the seashore, the man screamed as soon as he saw it, the heart trembled with fear, it gives a strong shock!

There are many strange and dangerous creatures around the world, which not only look strange but are also very dangerous. Imagine what would happen if one of these creatures comes in front of you? You will definitely scream out of fear. Something similar happened with Dennis Chan in Singapore. Dennis was walking on the beach, when he encountered a strange animal with “poisonous thorns” on the beach, which looked like a ‘monster fish’. Dennis got scared and screamed as soon as he saw it. Then he composed himself and went near that creature. But Dennis Chan could not believe his eyes when he saw this “rare sight” half buried in the sand.

When Dennis looked at it closely, he realized that it was a creature with a long nose, looking at the sky. When he gathered more information about it, he found out that there is a whole group of more than 50 species of these sharp fish, some of which also have an organ that gives electric shock. Dennis already knew about the dangerous sting of that rare creature, but he could not stop himself from looking at this strange fish. Dennis immediately made a video of it and posted it on Instagram. Dennis felt that this rare monster-like toothed fish might go back into the sand. This video went viral, which has been viewed more than 5 crore 41 lakh times and liked by more than one million people.

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