A man was digging in a mine, he found a shining object among the stones buried in the soil, and found a ‘treasure’!

These days, many such videos keep going viral on social media, in which people dig somewhere and suddenly they find treasure. However, sometimes these videos are confusing because people often already place the treasure there and then make a video of it. Recently, a video of a man is going viral (Man find gold in mine viral video), who found something while digging in a mine, which looks like a treasure, although, it is not clearly known what it is.

Recently a video has been posted on Instagram account @semangatpengusaha, in which a man is digging in a mine. He takes out some shiny things from it. This is a viral video (Man digging mud in mine found gold), hence News18 Hindi does not claim it to be true. In the video, the person is inside a cave-like place. There are lots of stones present there. The person starts digging in it.

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