A man used to hug anyone, the court said- ‘Put him in jail’, demanded a fine of Rs 30 lakh!

Hugging is a great gesture to spread happiness, peace and positivity in the world. Indian people show their love and affection by hugging on every small thing. In such a situation, can hugging send someone to jail? Now don’t think too much, we will tell you about a person who landed in jail while hugging.

When someone hugs someone without their consent, he can be punished. Something similar happened with an Algerian vlogger, who used to hug people walking on the street to spread positivity. It is a different matter that this turned out to be quite negative for him.

He was spreading ‘peace’ and landed in jail
According to the report of the Oddity Central website, an Algerian vlogger named Mohammed Ramzi posted a video on social media. In this video, he was imitating a popular European vlogger and hugging people on the street. Since he was doing this in a conservative society, people did not like it at all. This became a topic of discussion and criticism and even Mohammed’s apology could not save him from getting into court.

The court said – put him in jail!
Last year, the court found him not guilty of any crime, but when the case reached the Algerian Judicial Council, Mohammed got into trouble. Lawyers described his behavior as indecent and also mentioned the girls seen in short skirts and tattoos in the video. In such a situation, the court ordered him to be sent to jail for two months and fined Rs 30 lakh.

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