A feat of the Chinese people, they turned coffee into Sattu, mixed green onions with milk and sugar, the listeners fainted!

There are coffee lovers all over the world. Those who like the taste of coffee have knowledge about different varieties. We have also told you about some of the most expensive coffee in the world. You have also known about the coffee found at the highest place, but the coffee that we are going to tell you about today, you would have neither heard nor seen about it.

You must have drunk different types of coffee. Black coffee, cold coffee or normal coffee with sugar. You must have drunk coffee by adding milk-sugar-ice, at most chocolate powder or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. However, these days Chinese people are drinking such coffee that you will feel dizzy just by hearing about it.

Should we call it coffee or sattu?
A different kind of coffee is trending on Chinese social media right now. Dozens of photos are trending here, in which a different kind of coffee is visible. Here, chopped green raw onion leaves are seen along with normal coffee. For this, green onions are being chopped and milk, coffee and ice are added to it. It will look exactly like sattu to you, but in reality, it is onion coffee from China. You might have hardly thought of it even in your dreams, but this strange taste is on the tongue of Chinese people.

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This drink looks exactly like Sattu.

have already committed a crime
It is not that this is the only strange drink of China. Even before this, hot ice latte i.e. chilli coffee has become popular here. Just a few months ago, people were drinking spicy and pickled chilli coffee. In this, chopped chilli and hot pepper powder is added to cold coffee along with ice. Although it is slightly sweet, but the spices and chilli together make it so spicy that it blows the mind of the drinker. Not only this, here even stones are fried with spices and fed to people and people also buy it by paying money.

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