A dog was trapped in the sea after falling from his yacht, a dolphin helped him, the love between the two touched my heart!

You must have seen a lot of heart touching love between humans and animals. But you must have rarely seen love between animals of two different species. Something similar is being seen in a viral video. Not only this, in this, one animal has set a different example by saving the life of another animal. In this video being liked on social media, a dolphin saved the life of a dog trapped in the sea and after that the love between the two won the hearts of the people.

The caption of this video shared on Instagram is, “If you want to learn humanity, then learn from the bezubaano (stupid)” although the caption says “bezubaano” instead of “bezubaano”. In the video, it is first seen that the dog was sitting in the rear part of the yacht and suddenly he slips and falls into the sea. But no one on the yacht came to know about it.

After falling into the water, the dog was swimming, but due to the sea all around, he got stuck. Then a dolphin comes to his aid and takes the dog on its back and then the dolphin drops him back to the yacht. After this, the dog thanked the dolphin. The dolphin also accepted the greeting in its own unique way. From here on, the love between the two was heart touching.

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