6 liters of Vaseline was injected into the arm with a needle, the arm swelled up like a balloon, the onlookers were stunned!

Nowadays, youngsters go to gyms to build their bodies. They consume protein. They work hard day and night so that their muscles, chest, thighs, everything can come in better shape. But some people want to fulfill their hobby by adopting shortcuts. One such person is Kirill Tereshin from Russia, who is also known as Bazooka Hands and Russian Popeye. This person was so obsessed with building muscles that he injected 3 liters of Vaseline in both his hands. This person injected 6 liters of Vaseline in both his hands through a needle, due to which his arms swelled up like balloons. Whoever sees his hands gets surprised. People are also worried.

According to the Daily Star report, on May 25, this man made a video of himself for TikTok, which he also shared on his Facebook and YouTube accounts. Probably he wanted to attract users from English-speaking countries. Kirill hoped that people would be impressed by seeing his muscles, but after seeing his arms on TikTok, people seemed extremely worried. One person said, “He will kill himself.” Another person said, “This looks very painful!!!”. The third said, “It has really gotten worse.” Another user said that if he does not get himself treated immediately, he will definitely die soon.

Let us tell you that Kirill is quite active on social media. More than 2 lakh people follow him on Instagram. However, 4 months ago, Kirill shared a video of his strange arms on YouTube. In that video, his muscles were seen completely red, which were swollen like balloons. In the video, Kirill showed his bulges and said, “There is a problem. My hands have turned red. 6 years ago, I had injected 6 liters of Vaseline in both my arms. Now my arms have turned completely red.” In this video too, Kirill first shows his muscles and tells how strong his hands are. Even on YouTube, people are surprised to see such strange arms of Kirill.

One user wrote that your hands look like boiled potatoes, which look like chopsticks are stuck in them. Another wrote that it seems that you are also injecting your face. Way to destroy your body, genius. The third user wrote that you will literally die by injecting yourself like this and you seem to be a nice guy, so it would be unfortunate. So the fourth user wrote that someone take this man to the hospital, he has an infection in his hands, that’s why they are swollen like this! He will die without treatment!

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