427 meter big asteroid coming towards earth speed is 26562 km per hour if it collides with earth there will be devastation

Asteroid Coming Towards Earth: These days, NASA scientists are keeping an eye on a very large asteroid, which is moving very fast towards the Earth. Scientists say that this planet will pass close to the Earth on June 11. Scientists have named this asteroid 2024 CR29. It is 1400 feet i.e. about 427 meters big in size and is moving towards the Earth at a speed of 26,562 kilometers per hour. Scientists claim that if this body collides with the Earth at this speed, then there will be devastation in that area.

At present, scientists have given a relief news that this asteroid will pass at a distance of about 73.7 lakh km from the Earth. This distance is 19 times more than the distance between the Earth and the Moon. Scientists say that even though this distance sounds very large, but from the astronomical point of view, this distance is not very much. According to scientists, such an event is rare which occurs once in 1.66 lakh years.

What will happen if the body collides with the earth?
If any celestial body of the size of 2024 CR29 hits the earth, then its result will be horrific. According to scientists, if this happens, a crater 1363 feet deep and 3.2 kilometers wide will be formed in the earth. Trees will burn within a radius of 130 kilometers of the place where this body falls. Apart from this, a shock wave of 239 dB will come out, which will destroy buildings within a radius of 29 km. A strong earthquake of 6.1 magnitude will also occur.

NASA is working on sending the bodies back
NASA scientists said that 2024 CR29 is not expected to hit the Earth, it will pass safely. Despite this, it reminds me of the unknown dangers roaming in the universe. Most asteroids are found in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. Scientists are working on preventing such terrible incidents. NASA is working on a technology that can send these bodies back.

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